My Work

Hand forged fixed blades, precision machined folding knives, hand finished.

Attention to Detail

It's the focus on the little things that adds up to a finely finished and functional piece.

Beauty and Function

A tool that you use every day should feel like an extension of your hand and draw the envious eye of your peers.


Bladesmith, knifemaker. Ex-IT, chaos theory aficionado. Minimalist Introvert. Blessed with an amazingly eccentric family. Stunningly quiet conversationalist. Living by most of the 11. Always a little out there.

Available Knives

When I am not working on something for a customer, I am making new things and attempting to push my technical and design boundaries. Sometimes I’ll make something traditional, sometimes weird and interesting and post it for sale here. If you like my knives, but don’t want to wait to have one customized for you, check back here often.

Get in Touch

Looking for something special, or just want to talk about knives? I’d love to hear from you.